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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you sell to the public or just trade?

Yes, we sell to the general public as well as trade.

Do you deliver?

Yes, we do deliver, using a semi-trailer and unloading with an all-terrain forklift.

Where do you deliver?

We deliver to the greater metropolitan Melbourne area, as well as regional Victoria. Call our office on (03) 9001 8187 for details.

Can we pick up sleepers and steel from your factory?

Yes, you can pick up from our factory:

65/63-65 Ordish Road
Dandenong South, Victoria 3175

Can the sleepers be cut?

Yes, our sleepers can be cut.

When do I require engineering?

Any wall that is over 1m needs engineering and council approval, as does any wall with a large load within 75% of the distance of the wall height (i.e. building of shed) or if placing a fence on the sleeper wall.

How high can the sleeper wall be built?

Our sleepers are engineered for walls up to 4m high. You will require engineering and council approval, and some specialised sleepers, to build walls above 1m in height. Your engineer will then provide you the information regarding steel sizes and lengths, as well as sleeper strengths.

What is a UB, I beam, H beam & C channel for?

The C channel is for the start and finish of the wall and/or corners. The UB or I beam or H beam is for the continuation of the sleeper wall.

What length does the steel need to be for up to 1m high wall?

Whatever is out of the ground must be in the ground (e.g. 800 high wall must have 800mm steel in the ground as well therefore the steel must be 1.6m). Minimum of 600 into the ground. Unless otherwise stated by engineering.

What’s the difference between primed and¬†galvanised steel?

Primed will have rust-kill paint and can be painted any colour you wish. Galvanised steel is hot dip galvanised, and is not suited to painting.